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Metro Kisan is a SuperApp that saves your effort for the things which you don’t have enough time for. Metro Kisan will change the way you buy things and shop items without hampering your me-time.
Even if it is night, Metro Kisan Delivers!

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Metro Kisan App and using it for your day-to-day chores will entirely change your world. Onwards, you will never feel tensed about purchasing groceries while standing in a long queue at a grocery shop or supermarket. The grocery and ordered item will reach your doorstep within 60 minutes, depending upon the area you reside in.
However, grocery is not the only thing Metro Kisan delivers to you. From grocery to medicine, fruits to vegetables, garments to accessories, and cosmetics, Metro Kisan delivers everything to your doorstep.
So, what are you waiting for! Download the Metro Kisan SuperApp and start ordering.
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Like a superhero, Metro Kisan aims to simplify the lives of Kanpurites by allowing them the access of every shop related to grocery, vegetables, fruits, pet supplies, medicines, etc. on their finger tip.



With the help of our associated partners, Team Metro Kisan has a vision to expand in Kanpur as well as in other cities of India as well abroad.


How We Do It

Well, that’s not at all. Metro Kisan is the only App that delivers sundry related to your pets as well. Therefore, your pet will not feel left alone because this SuperApp takes care of everything.

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